We have full public liability insurance up to the value of £5,000,000 so, in the unlikely event of an accident, you know you're covered. 

We clean without the use of harsh chemicals or detergents so your carpets will be safe for children/pets & environmentally friendly.

Our cleaning process uses 80% less water than traditional 'steam cleaning' meaning your carpets will be dry within hours, not days. 

Our pricing policy is completely transparent - unlike some companies, the price we quote is the price you'll pay, with no hidden extras.

We are carpet & upholstery cleaning specialists and have received full training from the only NCCA accredited course in the UK. 


1. Site Survey

A full survey will be carried out, free of charge, to determine the best course of action and give an accurate quotation. Any existing problems, including damage & stains will be identified.

2. Pre-Vacuum

We use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to remove 80-90% of embedded dry soilage and ensure your carpets are prepared to the highest standard. A thorough vacuum is vital in ensuring a successful end result and is never overlooked or rushed by us.

3. Pre-Treatment

Next we use a pre-treatment solution to effectively help lift and loosen ground in dirt and soiling. Spot treatment is also applied at this stage as required - whilst we cannot guarantee stain removal, we have a wide range of spotters to treat most stains.

4. Agitate

The solution is then worked into the pile using a professional rotary brush to ensure a deep clean and rejuvenate your carpet. The solution is given sufficient time to dwell in order for the dirt to be effectively broken down, ready to be extracted.  

5. Rinse & Extract

An industrial strength, high-pressure, hot water extraction machine is then used to flush the remaining dirt and cleaning solution out of the carpet, leaving your carpets looking fantastic and damp to the touch, not soaking wet!

6. Finish & Groom

We apply a finishing spray to neutralise, deodorise and sanitise your carpet before using a grooming brush to lay the pile. You'll be left with clean, soft, fluffy carpets that you can be proud of!

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